Shocked to still be alive

by Dean Lesar
Bryce Luchterhand was feeling it during his March 10 evening pickleball game in the Spencer High School gym. He was hitting the ball well, he was full of energy, and he was even winning his game 7-2.
Then his heart quit.
Literally, without a hint of a warning, the 4-chambered muscle in his left upper chest that sends oxygen to every one of his cells just stopped. One second he was standing on the court waiting for a return, the next he was flat on his back, motionless, dying.
The series of events that followed in the next few minutes were perhaps not miraculous, by definition, but if anything had gone differently Luchterhand might well be gone. His wife, Maxine, his pickleball partners, and even a stranger who just happened to be where he needed to be that evening all came together to keep his blood flowing long enough so they could get his heart re-started. Two weeks later Luchterhand is fine, recovering, and ever so thankful for a small device in a hallway of the school that everyone walks past without ever noticing.

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