Roehl Acres to host 2022 Farm Technology Days

Roehl Acres of Loyal has been selected as the host farm for the 2022 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days in Clark County. Owned by the Dennis and Suzie Roehl family, Roehl Acres is a more than-500 registered dairy cattle farm two miles south of Loyal, cropping 750 acres.
“In 1983, I went to my first Farm Progress Days Show. I was 14 years old and I thought it was the greatest thing I had ever been to,” said Dennis Roehl. “Now, 36 years later I will be the host farm for Farm Technology Days 2022. In a way, I have been preparing for this all of my life.”
Roehl Acres’ registered dairy herd is milked daily in a more than-100-year-old stantion barn. Even though the barn may be considered old technology, it is working at peak efficiency, with the family milking three sets of cows in the barn twice a day.
The Roehls purchased the farm in 2005 from Dennis’ father, Lowell, who still helps with the fieldwork. Dennis and Suzie’s children make the third generation on the farm.
Along with operating the farm, Lowell’s brother Erlin and his wife Bonnie and their family started an event barn up the road to help bring in additional revenue. The event barn, Rustic Occasions, is operated by Doug and Kim Roehl.
“Small farms are becoming a thing of the past and people are looking for ways to convert their farms into other forms of income,” Erlin said.
With their commitment to Clark County and passion for agriculture, the Roehl families are excited to host Farm Technology Days in 2022.
“Clark County offers the traditional feel of agriculture, but has adapted to many of the new technologies available for use in agriculture,” said Richard Halopka, Clark County’s extension crops and soils agent. “We are excited to host the show with our theme: ‘Where tradition and technology meet.’”
The Clark County show is scheduled for July 12-14, 2022. The county last hosted the statewide event in 2005, at Malm’s Rolling Acres northwest of Loyal.
The Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is the largest agricultural show in Wisconsin and one of the largest in the nation. The three-day outdoor event showcases the latest improvements in production agriculture, including many practical applications of recent research findings and technological developments. Wisconsin Farm Technology Days provides visitors the opportunity to see and talk with more than 600 commercial and educational exhibitors.
Clark County is located near the center of the dairy state. Dairy farming is the major agricultural industry in Clark County. On-farm production and milk sales account for $339.3 million. Processing milk into dairy products generates another $1.2 billion. Sixteen plants process dairy products in Clark County. On-farm milk production accounts for 1,801 jobs, and dairy processing accounts for 3,097 jobs. At the county level, each dairy cow generates $4,080 in on-farm sales to producers.

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