Pool raises Granton taxes; Board sets public usage fees

Now that the Granton School District’s $2 million pool renovation project is complete, residents will be experiencing both the costs and the benefits of making such repairs. During the district’s School Board meeting on Oct. 8, the board was presented with a preliminary idea of what the year’s tax rate will be and a schedule for the pool’s use in the school year.
District administrator Scott Woodington gave the Board an idea of what the tax rate will be for residents in the upcoming year, which will be voted on during the district’s annual meeting to be held on Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. Following the third Friday count — the final count of the number of students attending school at Granton — Woodington said he is expecting the tax rate to rise to $10.65 per $1,000 in property value.
“We’ll see a bump this year,” he said.
This past year, the tax rate was set at $10.20 per $1,000 in property value after falling almost a dollar from the 2016-17 school year. The estimated 45-cent raise, Woodington said, comes on the heels of the recently completed pool project residents will start paying for this year. This was expected in the first year, he said, but the rate should level out in the upcoming years.

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