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Man gets prison time for traffic death of his girlfriend

It wasn’t a proven certainty that Jacob Person had heroin in his system on the October 2017 morning when he ran into a piece of farm equipment and lost control of his vehicle in an accident that killed his girlfriend, Tasha Ley. The judge in his court case, however, decided Person’s history of substance abuse and multiple past citations for driving a vehicle while unlicensed were reason enough to send him to prison.
Person, 32, of Stanley, was sentenced Monday in Clark County Circuit Court by Judge Thomas Clark to three years in the state prison system and three years of extended supervision on a charge of operating a vehicle while suspended/causing death. He dismissed a more serious charge of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle because drug use evidence against Person was sketchy, but ruled the crime was too serious and Person’s past behavior too bothersome to let him walk with just probation.
Person was driving a vehicle on the morning of Oct. 13 of last year on a town road northwest of Owen when he tried to pass a tractor pulling a manure spreader. As Person’s SUV pulled around the machinery at what Person said was 60 mph, the tractor turned left and the vehicles collided. Person’s SUV spun and rolled, ejecting 31-year-old Tasha Ley of Stanley, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

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