Loyal students show they know how to give, too

With the hustle and bustle of winter activities and preparations for Christmas well underway, students at the Loyal Elementary School took a few moments of their time every day last week to give to the people and animals in need this holiday season. By the time the week ended, those little moments they took out of their day had accumulated into 1,428 donations for the Loyal Food Pantry and the Clark County Humane Society.
Elementary principal Nancy Popp led the initiative behind the school’s first Christmas Drive, which was held on the school grounds in place of the annual Christmas Store event that had been held during that same week for a number of years (please see related story on page 7). Looking for something different to do, she said the idea of a drive for food and pet items came up and that was the direction they decided to go.
“We just thought it was time to try something different,” she said. “There’s a lot of new staff now and my responsibility is to try this and be successful at something else.”
To start on that path of success, Popp said she and members of the staff began to look for ways to make a drive like the one they were attempting, appealing to the elementary students. Creating goals and a general theme for the drive were very important, establishing the uniformity needed to guide the students and give them incentive to participate.

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