Loyal city water rates will take significant jump in 2020

Loyal city residents may want to plan on taking shorter showers starting on Jan. 1 as the cost of water will be going up considerably.
The city is in the process of applying for a water rate increase that could hike total user fee revenues for the water utility by 55 percent. The increase still has to go through two public hearings, but will take effect on Jan. 1, with the higher bills first to be seen on utility bills customers will receive in April.
In part because Loyal has chosen to keep water rates stable in recent years while sewer usage fees have jumped, this increase will be a large one. City clerk Shannon Toufar said Loyal has not implemented a water rate increase since 2010, and the state Public Service Commission (PSC) and the city’s financial auditors are now urging it to do so. If implemented as imposed, the rate increase would push the quarterly water charge for a user of 8,000 gallons from $55.70 to $90.90.
The PSC has scheduled a first public hearing for 10 a.m. on Nov. 5. Any resident who wishes to comment on the rate increase can come to City Hall that morning, and speak to PSC representatives in a telephonic hearing. After that hearing, Toufar said the PSC will give the city a timeline during in which it must hold a second local hearing, probably prior to a monthly City Council meeting on the third Tuesday of the month.

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