Latest care center funding plan adds conditions

The latest proposal to fund a $7.5 million remodeling/expansion project at the Clark County Rehabilitation and Living Center near Owen would set some conditions to ensure that property taxpayers don’t wind up footing the bill. If eventually passed, a draft resolution shown Monday to the county Board of Supervisors would freeze the center’s annual tax levy draw at its 2016 level, and force a full review of “all long-term options” for the center if it can’t break even financially within eight years.
The draft resolution unveiled at a Monday morning Board meeting at the care center is the latest tweak to a financing proposal that was voted down twice in 2016. This newest proposal adds some fiscal protection for the county in case the new revenue expected to be generated by the addition project is not adequate to repay the loan that would be taken out to fund it. As worded in the draft form of the resolution — which could come up for a Board vote as soon as March 23 — the building project would need to attract enough new patients to the center to repay the loan, reimburse the county’s general fund for the $800,000 taken from it in 2017 to pay for center maintenance needs, and prevent the center from falling any farther into a deficit spending predicament.

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