Judge says no to potential charges in Eaton horse case

Clark County Circuit Court Judge Lyndsey Boon Brunette ruled last week against four petitioners who were asking the court to allow a criminal complaint to be filed against a town of Eaton man who had allegedly mistreated a horse for several years at his property along Highway 73 south of Greenwood. Based largely on the findings of two veterinarians who examined the horse in the past six months, Boon Brunette said there is insufficient evidence to support a conviction of failure to provide proper shelter for the horse, even though the petitioners said the animal has been chained up and denied freedom of movement and the ability to escape the sun and wind.
Boon Brunette issued her ruling on Feb. 11, about three weeks after a court hearing at which an attorney for the petitioners asked her to allow criminal proceedings to occur against Hareld Heck. Heck owns the horse that has been tethered with a chain for several years within view of traffic along Highway 73 near the intersection of Bobwhite Road, and petitioners Tammy Schecklman, Timothy Meissner, Connie Reiter-Miller and Karen Rhodes signed onto a petition seeking relief for the animal. The case went before the judge under a seldom-used court procedure that petitioners can request when the local prosecuting attorney decides not to press charges in a case.

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