Harry Potter ‘houses’ help Granton students find commonalities

Walking into the high school entrance at the Granton Area School District, one may notice a common theme in decorations hanging around the hallways and classrooms. On these decorations, some may recognize words such as “Quidditch,” or “Hogwarts,” but people shouldn’t be alarmed about the change in decor. The Harry Potter theme, which has been adopted by the upper grades for the year, serves a purpose: to help the middle school and high school staff promote a positive school culture.
The idea of transforming the upper grades into a school that has its roots in the J.K Rowling book series was started by middle school teacher Amy Hanna. A few years ago, Hanna said she noticed students in her classes were struggling with homework, grades and dealing with feelings of isolation and loneliness.
“More people need pushes and need help getting their act together. (Some students) couldn’t finish their work and didn’t perform well on tests,” she said. “I was constantly asking ‘How can I help them be successful?’”
Seeing the students struggle, Hanna said she wanted to help them, but realized very quickly this was a task that could not be taken on by just one person. Looking around for ideas, she became inspired to have the students themselves push each other to do better.

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