Greenwood is latest small town to lose its grocery store

As Dave Mayville bagged a customer’s groceries Tuesday morning, the customer said to him that she is sad that his Mayville’s Market grocery store in Greenwood will be closing its doors soon.
“I’m sad, too,” Mayville said.
Sad, yes, but accepting of the reality that small-town grocery stores like his are a dying breed. In fact, he said, the company that he is working with to hold an auction soon for his store’s equipment said they operated about 140 such auctions for small, independent stores last year, and now his will join the list.
Mayville and his wife, Chriss, and their family have operated Mayville’s Market for 10 years, and made the final decision in the last few weeks that the time has come. It’s no longer financially feasible to operate a store in Greenwood, Mayville said.
The store’s employees were told of the closing last Thursday, and a liquidation sale for the store’s remaining merchandise has already started. Mayville said the perishables will all be gone by the end of this week, and the shelves should be empty by March 13. After that, the equipment will be auctioned off and he will attempt to sell the property through Tieman Realty, though not as a grocery store.

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