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Greenwood dairy breakfast gets a Willard taste this summer

Luke and Judy Yurkovich can only wonder exactly what their farm looked like when Luke’s grandfather bought the original 60 acres back in 1911. They do know it was among Willard’s first farms, settled when a wave of Slovenian immigrants came to the area, lured by the promise of acreage that resembled their homeland across the ocean.
It is with the Slovenian settlers in mind that the Yurkoviches will be the first Willard farm to host the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce’s annual dairy breakfast on June 24. Amidst the usual dairy breakfast fare of eggs and sausage and cheese curds there’ll be a few ethnic treats, such as potica, a Slovenian cake-like bread that can be filled with anything from raisins to nuts. There’ll be music and stories, too.
The Yurkovich farm is located seven miles straight west of Greenwood, at W8420 Rock Creek Rd. Parking will be in a hayfield adjacent to the farm, and serving for Greenwood’s 22 annual breakfast will be from 7 a.m.-1 p.m.

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