Fires near Greenwood destroy barn, singe forestland

The Greenwood Fire Department has been called out only 14 times so far in 2018, including for mutual aid runs to help neighbors. But six of those calls have come already in May, and three came in during just a 3-day span in the past week.
The first recent call for Greenwood came in at 3:01 a.m. on May 17, for a major barn fire on Mann Road in the southwestern corner of the town of Eaton. That fire had apparently been burning for some time before it was noticed, said Chief Delmond Horn, as the structure was already collapsing by the time crews arrived.
The large barn owned by Jason Wood had a metal roof, Horn said, and that likely hid the flames as the wooden supports underneath burned.
“The entire top of the barn, by the time we got there, was starting to collapse downward,” Horn said. “The fire inside, if it’s not burning through yet, nobody’s going to see it. Somebody would have noticed it a lot sooner. It’s burning all the rafters and everything else. Unfortunately for us, by the time we got called out there, the only thing that was standing was the ends of the structure.”
Horn said he called for mutual assistance through the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) as soon as the call came in for a fully-engulfed barn.
“In a barn fire, you realize you’re going to need that,” he said.

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