Delay sought in trial for double drunk driving homicide

A jury trial in the case of a Humbird man who allegedly killed two Neillsville women in December 2017 while driving drunk may be delayed on a request from prosecutors. The new district attorney who began work in Clark County less than two months ago is requesting the delay so she has more time to get up to speed in the case.
The court has scheduled a 2-week trial beginning on March 23 in the case against 28-year-old Trenton Bemis, who was driving a vehicle on U.S. Highway 10 just west of Neillsville on Dec. 15, 2017, when it crossed the centerline in snowy conditions and ran head-on into a car carrying two Neillsville women. Both the driver, 29-year-old Michelle Kunze, and her passenger, 35-year-old Genie Carrillo, were pronounced dead at the scene, and Bemis was treated for significant injuries.
Two charges of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle were filed against Bemis about six weeks after the crash and the case was being handled by former Clark County Assistant District Attorney Holly Wood Webster. However, Wood Webster resigned from her position recently, joining former District Attorney Kerra Stumbris, who resigned late last October.
In a motion filed with the court on Jan. 29, new District Attorney Melissa Inlow has requested an adjournment of the trial for “a short time” so she and the state assistant attorney general who are working on the case have more time to prepare. The motion reads, in part, “given the complex nature of this case, the lengthy procedural history, and the extensive discovery, the State will need additional time to prepare for trial.”

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