Deer baiting/feeding to be banned in Clark County

A permanent ban on baiting and feeding deer in Clark County will take effect on Aug. 1, in response to the discovery of a chronic wasting disease (CWD) infected whitetail doe on a Fairchild area deer farm. The ban will prohibit any hunter or landowner from placing any amount of bait (i.e., corn, apples, mineral/salt blocks) to attract deer or to allow deer to have access to bird feeders.
The baiting/feeding ban will also cover Eau Claire and Jackson counties, bringing to 38 the total number of counties in Wisconsin in which the prohibition is in place to protect the wild deer herd from the spread of CWD. According to Tami Ryan, wildlife health section chief for the Department of Natural Resources’ Bureau of Wildlife Management, state statute requires that such a ban be put in place in any county that is within 10 miles of a site where CWD is detected. The purpose of the ban is to discourage deer from congregating over a food source, as CWD is known to spread through deer saliva, feces, urine and blood.

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