Court asked to intervene to protect allegedly mistreated horse

As of late Monday afternoon, with the most wicked weather Wisconsin has seen in years spilling across the state, attorney Dan Jardine just wanted to know, “Where is the horse?” Like his clients, his main concern is that the animal for which they are fighting in court has some protection from the elements.
The horse of Jardine’s concern is the now-locally-famous white animal that has been chained to a wheel axle in various spots in Hareld Heck’s yard for the last seven years or more. On his debris-strewn property along Highway 73 about five miles south of Greenwood, the horse has lived, well-fed by all accounts, but tethered tightly to where it cannot get exercise nor shelter from sun and wind. A day after a court-ordered search warrant was executed to check on the horse’s condition, it was there, in its usual spot. The next day, it was not.
Clark County Sheriff Scott Haines was wondering the same thing on Monday, a few days after one of his detectives accompanied a veterinarian to Heck’s property to evaluate its physical condition and ability to escape the biting wind. Haines said he drove past the place on Sunday, but the horse had been moved. To where, he wasn’t sure.

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