County seeks dismissal of sheriff’s court complaint

A July 22 scheduling conference regarding Sheriff Greg Herrick’s complaint against Clark County remains on the circuit court docket despite the county’s request for dismissal. The county is arguing that Herrick’s request for a judgment regarding his purchase of a truck is now moot since the purchase has been approved, and that his action to prevent county government from controlling his actions on other matters is “extremely vague and overbroad.”
Portage County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Eagon is presiding over the case brought by Herrick in March against the Clark County Board in general, and specifically Law Enforcement Committee members Scott Jalling, Doris Bakker, Dale Mitte, Gordon Haselow and Frieda Rollins. Herrick’s court action asked for an injunction to prevent the Committee from stopping Herrick from purchasing a 2015 Dodge Ram truck, a purchase that had prior approval from the full county Board. On April 1, Eagon denied the injunction request on the grounds that no “irreparable harm” would occur if the truck was not purchased. However, Eagon said at the time that the county had no grounds under the law to prevent the vehicle purchase, as sheriffs in Wisconsin have certain statutory authorities to conduct their law enforcement business as they see fit. He set the July 22 scheduling conference but said the issue is one that should be worked out between the parties.

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