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Chili man headed to prison for fatal 2017 ‘binge drinking’ crash

Steven Faber will get to come home to his wife and children after he completes his 3 1/2-year prison sentence for homicide by the intoxicated use of a vehicle. The friend whom he allegedly killed while driving in such an intoxicated condition that he can’t even remember the accident will never see his family again.
Faber, 37, was sentenced on Oct. 18 for the March 2017 traffic accident on a rural road in the town of Lynn that took the life of 35-year-old Andy Mallory. Witnesses told investigating officers that day that Faber was driving a pickup truck that was speeding on rural roads and making dangerous swerves at Amish buggies, and that he finally rolled the vehicle into a field, ejecting both he and Mallory. Mallory was pronounced dead at the scene; Faber was hospitalized for more than a week with head and other injuries.
More than a year and a half after Mallory’s death, Faber learned in a Clark County courtroom last week what his punishment will be for his friend’s binge drinking death. Faber will be confined in the state prison system for 3 1/2 years, said Judge Thomas Flugaur, and then will be on extended supervision for a 6 1/2-year period in which he could be sent back to prison if he violates absolute sobriety and other conditions. In addition, Faber must perform 150 hours of community service, some of it in talking to public groups about the perils of drunk driving, and must pay $6,071 for the cost of Mallory’s funeral and $1,200 in fines and costs.

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