Area schools piling up winter weather postponements

It’s been one of those winters for local school administrators. If it isn’t snowing out early in the morning when the time comes to decide if school will be held, it’s frigid with a north wind howling. If it’s halfway warm out, there may be ice on the way.
Loyal, Greenwood and Granton schools were all closed five out of a possible six days between Jan. 28 and Feb. 4, while Spencer managed to be open for classes this Monday and missed only four days. For the winter season, some schools have been closed seven days already, and that’s just too many to miss and still meet state requirements for minimum hours of instruction. And, it’s only the first week of February. How many more polar vortex visits and snowstorms are still to come?
Greenwood District Administrator Todd Felhofer said his school was closed four straight days from Jan. 28-31, first for a snowstorm and then for brutally cold wind chills. Icy roads early on the morning of Feb. 4 led to the decision to keep students and staff members home again.
Actually, Felhofer said, Greenwood would still meet the minimum state hour requirement for the year even though the district has already shut school down for 6 1/2 days. Because the district runs a relatively long 7-hour and 20-minute school day, he said, the hours accrued would be enough to satisfy the law. However, he said, that’s not in the best interest of education, especially since the second semester would be shortened by six days if none were made up.

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