Falcons advance to Level 3

Ean Rau takes the ball for a ride past Marathon's defense. The Abbotsford Falcons weren’t going to let the Marathon Raiders get very far with the ball.

How many teams can say they were undefeated all season? Probably not many, but the Abbotsford Falcons are one of the few who can and they make it look so easy. The Falcons played the Marathon Raiders last Friday and crushed them 54-39.
As the first quarter got underway it was the Falcons who got the game started. Ean Rau had the ball and handed it off to Brock Halopka who found an opening and ran 59 yards for a touchdown. The Falcons then tried for a two-point conversion, but were unsuccessful. The score was 6-0.
The Falcons will be at Coleman High School on Friday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m.

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