Walker: Jobs waiting to be filled

While students work on various welding projects in Abbotsford High School’s shop class, Gov. Scott Walker speaks to teacher John Slipek, left, and principal Ryan Bargender, right, during Friday’s visit. Gov. Walker poses for a group photo with students from Abbotsford Middle/Senior High School during his visit last Friday.Walker speaks to tech ed teacher Randy Pempek.       Kids at Abbotsford Elementary lined the hallways to greet the governor as he passed by. High school principal Ryan Bargender, right, and teacher Randy Pempek talk to Gov. Walker during his visit. As sparks fly from a nearby welding student, Gov. Walker and teacher John Slipek chat.Gov. Walker listens to the high school band play a song for him as he enters the school's gyam. Walker speaks in front of a "Reform Dividend" sign, referring to his actions as governor related to public education.Gov. Walker poses for a picture with Abbotsford superintendent Cheryl Baker, center. The others pictures are, from left to right, school board member Eric Brodhagen, elementary principal Gary Gunderson, high school principal Ryan Bargender and school board president Don Medenwaldt.Gov. Walker poses with Abbotsford mayor Lori Voss and council members Brent Faber, left, Roger Weideman, Peter Horacek and Jeremy Totzke.
Governor brings message to Abby schools

Speaking to the student body of Abbotsford High School last Friday, Gov. Scott Walker said today’s seniors and juniors have a lot to be optimistic about as they prepare to enter the workforce.
“Your future is as bright as you want it to be,” he said. “There’s not a career that you can’t pursue that isn’t overwhelmingly hiring.”
Manufacturing and construction jobs are particularly plentiful, the governor said.
“They’ll hire you right away, there’s so many open jobs out there,” he told the students.
During his tour of Abbotsford’s K-12 campus...

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