Unity foresees pricey DNR compliance

Unity’s interim public works director said Monday that the village has a lot of work to do to comply with new DNR sewer regulations.
“Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good for us,” Art Shaffer said. “But we have 10 and a half months to get going on this.”
Shaffer and trustee Ron Loertscher recently attended a meeting in Green Bay about the DNR’s Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) program. They received information on goals and compliance issues facing Unity’s sewage and wastewater systems.
CMOM requires Unity to set goals for complying with terms of the program, which must be submitted by Aug. 1, 2016.
The program consists of 10 steps aimed at reducing overflows in sewage collection systems, improving sanitation and public health as well as protecting infrastructure.
Shaffer listed several areas of deficiency in Unity. He said CMOM requires an organizational flow chart of system management, an organized filing system, accurate sewage mapping, ordinances and legal responsibilities for citizens plus compliance and maintenance reporting.
Training, certifications and ongoing education of the DPW is also necessary to carry out inspections of sewage lines and laterals. Annual flushing of all lines is required, and televising the system is mandated every four years in order to identify, repair and replace faulty sections.

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