Trial to proceed in case against business owner

Attorney Bill Gamoke, representing the city of Abbotsford, speaks to municipal court judge Judy Kalepp during a motion hearing Wednesday. Also shown, from left to right, are attorney Adam Marshall, city clerk Jennifer Lopez and police chief Jason Bauer.

bbotsford’s municipal court judge has ruled that a trial is needed to determine whether or not business owner Hank Blazel is violating city ordinances, as alleged by city officials.
Judge Judy Kalepp, after hearing arguments from attorneys representing the city and Blazel at a hearing on Wednesday, rejected a pair of motions asking her to recuse herself or to dismiss the case based on the city’s alleged bias against Blazel.
Attorney Adam Marshall of the Medford law firm Jensen, Scott, Grunewald & Shiffler filed the motions last Friday, asking Judge Kalepp to either hand the case to another judge or to dismiss the charges against his client.
Judge Kalepp said she feels she can be impartial, despite a few unrelated run-ins with Blazel in the past pointed out by his attorney. She also said she needs to see more evidence before deciding whether the city’s case has merit.
“There are just too many unknowns, and I believe there should be a trial,” she said.
In his argument against the motion to dismiss, city attorney Bill Gamoke...

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