Starting over after brain trauma

 Ted Goodrich, an author from Rib Lake, poses with a copy of his book, “In My Own Words,” which recounts his recovery from a traumatic brain injury.          A picture of Goodrich in the hospital shortly after suffering a traumatic brain injury in 1990Goodrich is pictured with his two daughters, Kylee on the left and Zoei on the right.
Rib Lake man shares story of survival, recovery

Ted Goodrich has little memory of his life before the age of 23. For a long time, his parents, siblings and childhood friends were complete strangers to him.
It was as if the first two decades of his existence were erased from his mind, along with all the knowledge and skills one learns in their formative years.
But, it many ways, he’s lucky to be alive at all.
Twenty-seven years ago, on Sept. 1, 1990, Goodrich suffered a traumatic brain injury that nearly killed him. Since then, his life has been marked by a series of struggles and victories on a path toward normalcy.
Goodrich, who is now the father of two daughters living in Rib Lake, recounts his story of recovery in an autobiographical book, “In My Own Words,” published last August by iUniverse.
Recently, his story has caught the attention of a Hollywood production...

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