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Jamey Krause-Simmons, a 2011 graduate of Abbotsford High School, poses with his bantamweight championship belt, which he won at a match in Minnesota this past Saturday.  Jamey Krause-Simmons wrestles an opponent at the WIAA state championship tournament in 2011, when he was a member of the Abbotford-Colby wrestling team. His wrestling skills have helped him as an MMA fighter.
Abby grad may go pro in mixed martial arts

Jake Klipp has seen dozens of aspiring mixed martial artists walk through the doors of his Milwaukee gym over the years.

Something about Jamey Krause-Simmons stood out.

It might’ve been his polished grappling technique, honed by years of collegiate and high school wrestling. It might’ve been the 24-year-old’s agility or maybe his cool confidence.

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