Pinter family to host Abby Dairy Breakfast on Sunday

Jeff, Jill and Jade Pinter will host the Abbotsford FFA Dairy Breakfast at Lonely Mile Holsteins Farm on Sunday.

Jeff and Jill Pinter will host the Abbotsford FFA Dairy Breakfast on Sunday, June 4, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. on their farm Lonely Mile Holsteins Farm. The event is sponsored by the Abbotsford FFA and the Clark County Dairy Promotion.
Their youngest daughter, Jade, 21, helps out on the farm when she is home from college. The Pinters’ son, Justin, lives with his wife, Molly, in Wausau along with their two children, Brayden, 9, and Embree, 3. Their other daughter, Joni, lives with her husband, Ryan, and their son, James, 3, in North Carolina.
The Pinters currently milk 77 cows...

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