New Abbotsford sports bar draws big crowds

Last Friday night at Randall’s Beers and Cheers in Abbotsford, families fill the tables to enjoy food, drinks and a night out. In the background is the bar and the entrance into the kids arcade. A formal ribbon-cutting ceremony, hosted by the AbbyColby Crossings Chamber, was held the night before.  Before firing up the kitchen for another busy Friday fish fry, owner Jack Pagels takes time to pose for a picture at the new bar.    A father and his son enjoy a game of air hockey in the kids arcade room.   The kitchen crew at Randall's is always busy on a Friday night. A ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the AbbyColby Crossings Chamber of Commerce and Clark County Economic Development was held Feb. 2Pagels, right, receives a membership plaque from chamber of commerce representative Kevin Hanson.

When Jack Pagels opened a new sports bar in Abbotsford two days before Thanksgiving, he wanted to do it quietly so his staff wouldn’t get slammed right away by a deluge of customers.
“We did a real soft opening — no fanfare, no nothing,” he said. “All we did is put the open sign on. We didn’t even tell anybody we were opening.”
Despite all these precautions, it was hard to keep a lid on the word-of-mouth excitement surrounding Randall’s Beers and Cheers. Although Thanksgiving and Black Friday provided a little bit of a reprieve, the place was swamped the following weekend, he said.
“That’s how it started, and it’s been crazy ever since,” he said.

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