Jim Maurina honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Jim Maurina’s son, Scott, right, accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award from Dennis Kramer on behalf of his father at Saturday’s AbbyColby Crossings Chamber of Commerce banquet. Jim Maurina

As a longtime funeral home director, Jim Maurina routinely dealt with people at the worst moment in life — immediately after the death of a loved one.
“You cope with a lot of grief-stricken people, and you have to look at is a business and you’re there to serve people and do the best you can,” he said.
That line of work could easily cause someone to feel isolated and withdrawn from their community, but that has never been the case for Jim Maurina and his family. Over the past 50 years, Maurina has lent his support to several local initiatives, from housing development in Dorchester to economic growth in the wider Clark County.
“I didn’t sit still,” he said. “We were always on the go.”
In recognition of his many accomplishments, the AbbyColby Crossings Chamber of Commerce has presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
The son of Austrian immigrants...

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