Dorchester to stay with village police department

Following the advice of its police committee, Dorchester’s village board last week voted to stick with the village’s existing police department but asked for the part-time officer’s hours to be realigned to “accommodate peak hours” of activity.
At their monthly meeting on May 3, trustees heard from two members of the committee and police chief Gary Leicht-man, who defended his department’s coverage of the village after the Colby-Abbotsford Police Department was invited to the March meeting to present a proposal for 24-hour police protection.
Leichtman presented board members with a 13-page summary of all the incidents he and part-time officer Consuelo Maldonado responded to in 2016. The total of 318 incidents were spread out somewhat evenly across the days of the week, with a peak of 88 on Fridays and a low of 24 on Mondays.

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