Dorchester looks at overhauling address grid

A proposed address grid for the village of Dorchester, which would require over 80 residences and businesses to change their address to fit a consistent numbering system.

Addresses at over 80 homes and businesses in Dorchester will need to change as part of a proposal to untangle a hodgepodge of confusing street numbers that cause problems with everything from delivery trucks to ambulances.
Based on a map reviewed at the Sept. 1 village board meeting — along with an accompanying list of “problem addresses” — 17 different streets in the village do not follow a consistent numbering pattern based on a traditional grid system.
As a result, village clerk Brooke Ruge said it is difficult to find many addresses within the village, even with modern GPS technology. This can even misdirect local emergency responders, she noted.
“Our own fire department went to the wrong house,” she said, referring to a recent fire call.

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