Dorchester bus stops to move as planned

oe Burnett, owner of Burnett Transit, speaks to the Colby School Board Monday while a group of Dorchester parents listen.
Exception made for daycare site

A group of Dorchester parents came to Monday’s Colby School Board meeting hoping to convince board members to keep their neighborhood bus stops in place for the coming school year.
In the end, though, the board deferred to the judgement of the busing company, Burnett Transit, and superintendent Steven Kolden, who decided to align all the bus stops on the north end of Dorchester along Kennedy Avenue, requiring several kids to walk longer distances.
The board did make one exception for a daycare on the corner of North Fourth Street (Hiline) and West Viking Avenue. A motion was passed to create a “rural” stop at that corner, with a bus coming into Dorchester south on Hiline to pick up kids in the morning. That will result in a longer ride home in the afternoon, as the bus will make other rural stops before going into Dorchester at the end of the route.

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