Colby school board signals support for weighted grades

After debating the pros and cons of going to a weighted grade system for high school students, Colby school board members on Monday sent the issue back to its policy committee with instructions to come up with a specific proposal.
The idea of offering greater credit for Advanced Placement (AP) and college-level classes was first pitched to the board back in December, and since then, the issue has bounced back and forth between the policy committee and the full board.
Under the draft proposal, any course that earns post-secondary credit would be “weighted” so that students would receive one additional grade point for these classes. As a result, a student who earned an A letter grade in a college-level class would get a 5.0, compared to 4.0 for an A in a non-college level class. The student would get a 4.0 for finishing with a B in the college-level class.

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