Colby awards $1.8 million bid for library

Architect Rita Liddell of the Cedar Corporation speaks to the Colby city council April 4 about the bids that came in for the new library, which is slated to be built later this year.

Colby’s city council last week awarded a $1.8 million contract to S.D. Ellenbecker of Athens to build a new library on the current site of the Colby District Education Center.
The base bid, which was the lowest of six submitted, was just over $1.7 million, but the council decided to include several add-on options, including $26,000 for infloor heat, $17,000 for a fireplace and $20,000 for aluminum windows.
“These are all items the library wanted if the budget allowed it,” architect Rita Liddell of Cedar Corporation told the council before the vote was taken.

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