Colby-Abby PD offers Dorchester 24/7 coverage

Colby-Abbotsford police chief Jason Bauer goes over cost projections for providing 24/7 police coverage with Dorchester village board members at their March 1 meeting.

Dorchester is exploring the idea of hiring the Colby-Abbotsford Police Department to provide 24/7 police coverage, following a presentation by CAPD chief Jason Bauer at the village board’s March 1 meeting.
Bauer’s estimate for round-the-clock coverage is about $166,000 for the village of 827 residents, which would split the cost for the department with the cities of Abbotsford and Colby.
“Every call would be covered by Colby-Abby PD,” Bauer told the board. “We’d meet all your needs.”
To make it work, Bauer said the department would have to increase its number of officers from...

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