Casting ballots despite COVID-19

WHATEVER IT TAKES - Colby voter Glenn Lewandowski shows his  driver’s license to poll worker Kris Woik, who inspects the ID from behind a plexiglass window installed to protect poll workers from possible coronavirus infection  Tuesday afternoon. Newly recruited poll worker Megan Underwood, home from college due to COVID-19, looks on.        STAFF PHOTO/ROSSS PATTERMANN
Local clerks take steps to make voting as safe as possible

The normally humdrum spring election on Tuesday was anything but this year, as local clerks and poll workers did their best to accommodate in-person voters during a deadly pandemic.
As expected, the number of absentee ballots spiked while the supply of poll workers plunged, with the city of Abbotsford having to call in National Guard members to help city hall staff conduct the election.

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