Badger State Western named ‘Business of the Year’

The office staff at Badger State Western in Abbotsford. In back, from left to right, are Ryan Seefluth, Gary Hoff, Mike Stowell, Randy Kremsreiter, Kris Nosbisch and Jeff Seefluth; in front are Cheryl Dobeck, Joann Troka, Patty Klemm and Dorothy Beckman.The warehouse staff, from left to right, includes Steve Reynolds, Robert Sperl, Al Hastings, Roger Hoffman, Mike Hana and Joel Abegglen.

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the open road, alone with their thoughts. More than 30 years ago, Dick Seefluth turned one of those thoughts into a successful business venture.
“The idea for Badger State Western, Inc. was born on the road somewhere between Lusk and Orin Junction, Wyoming, while on a trip to California,” the company’s website states.
Founded in Abbotsford in 1979, Badger State Western has grown from a one-man operation into a successful company with dozens of drivers and a satellite office in Fife, Wash.
“Our company continues to grow without sacrificing the first-rate service we provide,” the website boasts.
The Abby Colby Crossings Chamber of Commerce will honor Badger State Western as “Business of the Year” at its annual banquet this Saturday at the ...

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