Abby rep not happy with fire budget

Abbotsford Ald. Gerry  Anders, left, and district board chairman Larry Oehmichen, right, square off over budget issues at a meeting last Thursday. Also pictured, from left to right, are city of Colby representative Nancy O’Brien, district chief Bert Nitzke and board secretary Carol Staab.

Abbotsford’s representative on the Central Fire and EMS District board says he won’t vote for the proposed 2018 budget until the rest of the board agrees to rein in spending.
“We’ve got to stop this bleeding,” said Ald. Gerry Anders at a special district board meeting held last Thursday in Abbotsford to discuss the 2018 budget.
Because the city of Abbotsford contributes the largest share of tax dollars to the district budget based on property values, if just one of the other seven municipalities also votes against the budget, it will not get the two-thirds majority needed to pass. Instead, according to the district’s bylaws, the budget will stay at 2017 levels.

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