Abby district joins insurance co-op

This map from M3 Insurance shows the insurance co-ops formed by smaller districts.

Looking to save money on health insurance next year and into the future, the Abbotsford school board voted last week to join a consortium of five other districts that promises better rates with a larger pool of employees.
By joining the Marathon County Special Education insurance co-op, the district and its employees are expected to pay about $58,000 less for insurance next year. If the district had renewed its current policy with Security Health, the cost would have gone up by nearly $30,000.
As a result, employees will be forced into high-deductible plans, with $1,500 for individuals and $3,000 for families at the low end. Right now, the district offers three options: zero deductible; deductibles of $250 for individuals and $500 for families; and deductibles of $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families.
Ken Martine, president of the teachers union, said this change will be a “big jump” in out-of-pocket costs for those with a zero or low deductibles...

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