$100 daily fines start for Dorchester property owner

The property at 127 S. Front St. in Dorchester is generating a fine of $100 per day for owner Terry Recore, who has failed to clean up the site after several warnings were issued by the village.

After failing to completely clean up his property in downtown Dorchester, resident Terry Recore is being fined $100 per day by the village for violating an ordinance prohibiting nuisance properties.
The village board voted in April to give Recore until June 7 to remove all of the “unsightly debris” that has accumulated at 127 S. Front St. since a building at that location was torn down in 2013 due to public safety concerns. Recore bought the building from the village knowing it was slated for demolition, but he did not immediately remove the rubble after it was torn down, resulting in fines being issued starting in August of 2014.
Recore had already been ordered to pay over $10,000 in fines and court costs related to the property when the board voted in April to temporarily stop issuing citations. Because he is now getting help..

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