Runners capture conference title

TITLE-TOTING TEAM - The Colby/Abbotsford girls cross-country team takes a moment to celebrate capturing the Cloverbelt Conference title at Saturday’s championship meet. All seven runners finished inside the top 50, with Isabelle and Daisy Feiten and Abbie Hediger earning all-conference honors with top 21 performances.                                                          STAFF PHOTO/ROSS PATTERMANN

Muddy courses. Winds that whipped the leaves off trees. Temperatures in the low forties.
These were just a few of the obstacles Colby/Abbotsford cross-country had to overcome on Saturday, and that’s not counting the stiff competition that came to Colby for the Cloverbelt Conference championship meet.
Colby/Abby welcomed 14 different school districts, and dueled it out on a muck filled 3.1 mile course.
When the skies cleared and the sun came out, the only thing that could match the brightness was the smiles of the Colby/Abby girls team as they hoisted the Cloverbelt crown over their heads.

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