Remembering the ‘Voice of Colby’

The Denis Woik Memorial Press Box proudly overlooks the Colby Hornets football stadium.A VIEW FROM ABOVE - The Denis Woik Memorial Press Box sits high atop the stands overlooking the Colby Hornets football field. The new press box was completed in the fall of 2018 and now carries the name of the man who was known as the “Voice of the Hornets.”    THE VOICE - Denis Woik, longtime announcer and president of the Colby Hornets booster club, was honored this past fall with the naming of the new press box after him.    The new interior of the Denis Woik Memorial Press Box allows for far more sports staff and members of the press.

If you’ve ever played the game of football you know you can still vividly remember the smell of the grass, and still feel the way the ground moved beneath your feet.
You remember the plays, tackles and touchdowns. For many student-athletes, playing underneath Friday night lights is a rite of passage.
Colby has played host to many great moments, seen many great players pass under its banners. There have been triumphs on the field, as well as heartbreak.
Through it all, Denis Woik captured those moments, his voice reverberating through the city of Colby on Friday nights. People grew up hearing him call out a Hornets’ touchdown, or a big play on defense.

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