Kunze makes history with 1,000-kill milestone

KILLER QUEEN - Melanie Kunze, right, prepares to strike the one thousandth kill in her career. With this shot, Kunze became the first documented Falcon to reach 1,000 kills in her career.  	     CELEBRATE - Melanie Kunze, center, celebrates with her teammates after reaching 1,000 kills in her career.

In the world of sports, the number one thousand has special significance.
A running back dreams of rushing for a thousand yards in a season, a basketball player hopes to score a thousand points in their career and a volleyball player wants to reach one thousand kills.
Of those three the last is arguably the hardest to achieve. After all, a running back can break loose and score an eighty yard touchdown in one play.
A basketball player can score two, three or even four points on a single play.
Not so for the volleyball player - for them the path to one thousand is the patient path, a slow accumulation, like steps in a journey - one by one by one.
For Abbotsford’s Melanie Kunze, the journey’s destination has finally been reached.

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