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Falcons fall in Level Three

BIG BURLY BLOCKERS -  Senior tailback Joe Aguilera sprints through a gap provided by Angelo Hutman and Ezra Kremsreiter, left, and Hunter Soyk, right. Aguilera rushed for nearly 150 yards in his last game of his prep career, while the O-line opened holes for a rushing attack that ran for over 4,500 yards this year.

There was an excitement and energy that ran through the crowd that was as strong and real as any electric current as the Abbotsford Falcons took on the Iola-Scandinavia Thunderbirds on Friday night.
Those who stood in the stands understood that they were about to see something special, as two of the best teams in the state, with two of the most prolific running backs in the state, squared off against each other in a third round playoff game.

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