Colby grad stays on track

OUT IN FRONT - Carley Elmhorst, left, sprints past the competition during an outdoor meet last year. Elmhorst was hoping to build off her freshman season, but saw her momentum derailed thanks to COVID-19, but she vows to return stronger and faster next season.		               PHOTO COURTESY OF JERRY HUMPHREY                A SECOND CHANCE AT SPORTS - Carley Elmhorst, far left, poses with teammates (L - R) Josie Schrubbe, Cassie Buelow, Nicole Lord and Hannah Boyd during an outdoor meet at St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minn., last year. Elmhorst, a three sport athlete for Colby High, is competing for the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Eagles in track and field. The daughter of former college athletes, Elmhorst was drawn to track, where she felt she had more to give.
Elmhorst chases college sports dream

It’s early April and a cold wind blows across the athletic complex that sits adjacent to the Colby school district. The parking lot is almost bereft of traffic, with one lone car sitting near the track.
The owner of said car is bundled up and going through plyometric drills on the track, bounding and hopping from side to side on the rubberized surface, warming up her muscles as she prepares to begin a brutal sprint session.
She’d rather be doing this sort of thing with her teammates, where she competes for the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Eagles in Division III of the NCAA. But these days, any form of outdoor exercise is a blessing as COVID-19 continues its silent and invisible march through Wisconsin.

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