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Local father pens ‘adoption memoir’

TOGETHER AT LAST - Adam and Jamie Schnabel snap a family photo with their daughter Sofia. The Schnabels endured years of emotional turmoil as they fought to adopt. Their patience was rewarded when they brought home their daughter Sofia from Bulgaria in March of last year.             SUBMITTED PHOTO

In November of 2016, Adam and Jamie Schnabel were preparing to journey from their home in Stetsonville to the country of Poland.
Waiting for them there were two little boys, Emmitt and Elijah, that the Schnabels were set to adopt. The Schnabels had always wanted a family, and adoption represented the best possible way to make that dream come true.
Everything seemed to be in perfect order for their trip, but shortly before leaving for Poland, the U.S. Department of Justice informed the Schnabels that the agency they were working with in Poland was corrupt, and that they would need to switch agencies if they still wished to adopt.

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