Keeping the kids fed

A LABOR OF LOVE - Cafeteria staff in Abbotsford continue to supply breakfast and lunch to students, handing out nearly 800 meals a day. In the front, left to right, Sue Heck and Maria Garcia, along with Mary Weber (center) and Janice Jones (back right) bag meals for curb-side pick up and delivery.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues its silent march through Wisconsin, everyday citizens have stood up and done what they can to help others during this uncertain time.
There are those on the front lines of the pandemic, the doctors and nurses and scientists who are working to save lives and develop cures. But there are others whose work is quietly heroic and vital to a community’s well-being.
The cafeteria staff at both Abbotsford and Colby school districts are essential workers, but for them, providing food goes far beyond a job. To them, feeding students who have seen their worlds flipped upside down is an act of love.

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