Holton to save $8,000 if it drops Abby FD

Holton town board members Pat Tischendorf, left, Dave Lueddecke, along with town treasurer Richard Bartnik and town chairman Richard Gumz, listen to members of the Abbotsford Fire Department plead their case at an Oct. 8 meeting. The board will meet again Nov. 12 and possibly vote to leave Abbotsford’s fire district.

Using a new funding formula negotiated last week, the town of Holton will save about $8,000 next year if it signs an exclusive fire protection contract with the Dorchester Fire Department.
At the monthly meeting of Dorchester Community Emergency Services, Inc. on Oct. 29, the board of directors approved a three-way funding split among the village of Dorchester and the towns of Holton and Mayville that will provide the fire department with $119,000 in 2015.
Of that total budget, the village will pay $49,800 and Mayville will contribute about $34,000 based on the traditional funding formula, which is calculated using equalized property values.

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