Abby sues mall owner for $150,000

A DYING MALL - After Shopko and the Aspirus FastCare clinic both closed earlier this year, the East Town Mall has been left with just a few remaining tenants.

The city of Abbotsford has filed a lawsuit against the owner of East Town Mall, seeking a minimum of $150,000 for allegedly defaulting on a 2010 agreement that was meant to spur new developments at the retail center.
According to a civil complaint filed Sept. 4 in Marathon County Circuit Court by city attorney Alyson Dieckman, the city believes that mall owner Lon Waldinger and his company, Chelt Development, are in breach of a developer’s agreement signed in January 2010.
As part of that agreement, the city obtained a $100,000 loan from the state of Wisconsin and provided the money to Waldinger so he could make several improvements at the mall.

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