Abby developing industrial park plans

FUTURE PLANS - Brandon Mueller, left, owner of Abbotsford Appliance, talks to members of the Abbotsford planning commission last Thursday about the possibility of relocating his business to the city’s new industrial park. From left to right are city administrator Dan Grady, Ald. Roger Weideman, commissioners Marcia Hochhhalter and Jim Jakel and DPW Craig Stuttgen. In back, from left to right, are MSA engineer Dan Borchardt, Jenny Jakel and Mayor Lori Voss.  STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN O’BRIEN

Plans are starting to take shape for the first phase of development inside Abbotsford’s future industrial park, with at least one business owner expressing interest in building a new store on the land west of Highway 13.
At a meeting last Thursday, the city’s planning commission voted to recommend a westward extension of the newly constructed road in between McDonald’s and O’Reilly Auto Parts, and to install water and sewer lines underneath the railroad tracks into undeveloped land.

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