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Abbotsford schools preparing to establish ‘Fab Lab’

NOW IN 3-D - Tech ed teacher Randy Pempek holds up an example of what can be created in a Fab Lab during Monday’s school board meeting. On the right is the school’s Dremel 3-D Printer.                                                      STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN O’BRIEN

Students in the Abbotsford School District may soon have access to more high-tech design and fabrication equipment as part of a new “Fab Lab” class planned for next school year.
At Monday’s monthly school board meeting, tech ed teacher Randy Pempek described his vision for a room filled with 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC routers that could be used to teach students real-world job skills.
So-called Fab Labs (short for Fabrication Laboratories) have been promoted by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction through an ongoing grant program started three years ago to help school districts pay for expensive equipment.

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