‘Snake Discovery’ entertains, informs crowd in Colby

SNAKE CHARMER - Children watch in equal parts amazement and shock as Emily Roberts holds out a hog nose snake, a non-venomous species, during a June 27 presentation at the Colby Community Library. Roberts is the operator of Snake Discovery, a travelling reptile show, and runs a YouTube channel with over one millions subscribers. THAT’S A BIG BOY - It takes a group effort just to hold Doug, a boa constrictor and fan favorite of Snake Discovery, a show created by Emily Roberts, who visited the Colby Community Library last Thursday.

The world is teeming with all manner of critters, from giant elephants to tiny insects that are barely visible to the human eye.
We know more about the animal kingdom than ever before, but even with so much information just a book or touch screen away, there is still so much misinformation floating around.
Emily Roberts has been doing her part for the past five years to educate the public about reptiles, and has been debunking myths and misconceptions surrounding these misunderstood animals.

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